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Unsere Partnerschule in Badalo...
Unsere Partnerschule in Badalo...

Maristes Champagnat is a primary and secondary school which is located in Badalona, a city located north of Barcelona, about 6 kilometers away from the Catalan capital.
We are a semi-public school. Badalona is the third city in population in Catalonia with a population of 210,000 inhabitants. The 15% of population are immigrants, especially from Romania and China. It is well known in all over the country that in Badalona there is a problem with the integration of the immigrants. In our school we work with our pupils trying to overcome these problems of integration. The College Marist Champagnat develops its educational work in two separate buildings, although the area (there are about 500 meters between buildings) makes the social and cultural context is the same throughout the College. The neighborhood where the school is located is the historic heart of the city Badalona and the majority of the population is middle class, upper middle.
We have some experience in Comenius projects and we want to participate in another one because we think our students improve their abilities of using foreign languages. Work in international projects enabled students to acquire extra knowledge besides the curricula and their teachers to develop negotiating and managerial competencies. It's a great experience for our students meeting and knowing students of other countries.
We will be responsible for all the different tasks that coordinator assign us.