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Das Klara Gymnasium Karlstad in Schweden

Das Klara Gymnasium Karlstad i...
Das Klara Gymnasium Karlstad i...

Klara Gymnasium Karlstad was formed in 2001 and is part of a group that consists of three education companies, Theducation AB, Information & Kompetens i Sverige AB, and Modina Kompetens AB.
The group currently has eight independent secondary schools , which are located in Stockholm, Karlstad, Linköping, Malmö, Västerås and Södertälje.
The school is located in the center of Karlstad in the city district of Klara. It stands out as the only school in the group that has a process-based work that is fully implemented in the business. This approach means that the school consistently works with the pupils' learning without using homework or traditional tests by so-called by-heart-learning. Its approach to knowledge and learning is based on the pedagogical idea which formulates that pupils learn better if they are under good supervision from professional teachers whilst working with a task for a longer time. Pupils show what they have learned by writing assignments, such as articles and essays. The exercises can also be oral in nature or based on media use, or other useful practical presentations of any kind. Pupils get time to work with the exercises during much of our so-called Tuesdays of each week. Tuesday is the day when the pupils together with their mentors schedule their own self-study day. During this day, students have constant access to their teachers for guidance, who are spread by school subject in the classroom. The staff at Klara Gymnasium in Karlstad consists of 27 grading teachers. The school management is, since a year ago, made up of a head master, a principal of studies and two assistant principals. The school has 275 students in seven different programs, where the percentage of pupils with lower social background or immigrant background is very low. The languages taught at school, in addition to English and Swedish, is German, French and Spanish.
The school's role in this partnership is to connect, share and co-work internationally with other school to give the pupils a broader understanding of working and sharing outside their own country and how to adapt to these changes.

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