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Das Lycée Professionnel Odilon Redon in Pauillac

Das Lycée in Pauillac

Lycee Professionnel Odilon Redon is a vocational school which offers a large variety of professionnal degrees in industrial and tertiary areas. It is located near the lycée Général et Technologique Odilon Redon and shares some of the buildings and administrative staff. But the pedagogical collaboration between these two institutions is poor. This comenius project will be an opportunity to stimulate this collaboration.
As Lycee general et technologique, the Lycee Professionnel Odilon Redon has a project school to open up to Europe to increase pupils' language skills as well as the proportion of traineeships done in European countries.
The Lycee Professionnel Odilon Redon considers this Comenius project as a great opportunity to benefit from the collaboration with other European institutions and revisit its negative image. It will also motivate pupils to integrate Europe in their vocationnal guidance and to improve their knowledge of Europe's cultural richness.
This Comenius project may provide future opportunities for Leonardo projects with some participants.

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