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82049 Pullach i. Isartal
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Hans-Keis-Str. 61 | 82049 Pullach i. Isartal | Tel (089) 749 753 - 0 | Fax (089) 749 753 - 299 | sekretariat@opg-pullach.de

Das Lycée général et technologique Odilon Redon in Pauillac

Das Lycée in Pauillac

Lycee general et technologique Odilon Redon is a public secondary school located in Pauillac, a rural area with socio-economically disadvantaged population that does not have direct and regular contacts with European countries.
The school project for 2011-2015 has a specific focus on European/International activities to help pupils in succeeding in their studies and in understanding interactions between European cultures. In 2011, the lycee was granted with Erasmus Charter for its higher education degree (BTS).
In september 2012, a European class will open in the Lycee and will welcome pupils from the surrounding lower secondary schools which also started in 2010 European projects. Some of them may already have participated to Comenius projects.
With this Comenius project, the Lycee wants that help pupils to improve their language skills and also integrate Europe in their personnal project for their future studies. The educative and pedagogical teams will also take benefit of this Comenius project, and may want to initiate other European projects.

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